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coffee after 7 wasn’t a great idea, but sometimes I just want to sit and finish a whole mug before it gets cold.
this week I need to eat better, or at all. sometimes its too much to think about cooking healthy meals for myself after getting the baby all situated. im getting a cavity and ive been breaking out on my forehead for a while without it clearing up, which im sure is from my horrible food choices. Im looking into a royal butter/fish oil supplement since after some research it looks like that’s mostly the deficiency that’s causing this stuff. (ps did u know u can heal cavities!? pretty amazing!) maybe it will help me get my appetite back too…

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FAIRIES learn to dance before they learn to

walk ;
Fairies learn to sing before they learn to

Fairies learn their counting from the cuckoo’s

call ;
They do not learn Geography at all.

Fairies go a-riding with witches on their

And steal away the rainbows to brighten up

their rooms ;
Fairies like a sky-dance better than a

feast ;
They have a birthday once a week at


Fairies think the rain as pretty as the sun ;
Fairies think that trespass-boards are only

made for fun ;
Fairies think that peppermint’s the nicest

thing they know ;
I always take a packet when I go.

FAIRY LORE: the fairy flute by  Fyleman, Rose

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♥ urrrgh

brb crying

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u cant trust people who step on flowers

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